Main blocks

  1. Icon of the source file editing module
  2. List of description files
    • (T) Type description source file
    • (F) Facade description source file
  3. Source file editor
  4. Projection of type or facade (graphic, example or structure)



  1. Filter and search on file names
  2. Contextual file menu to remove or rename file
  3. Adding a new file or adding sample files
    •  Rename / move
      • A : Enter the name of the file you want to add
      • B : Choose the file extension (type or facade)
      • C : Choose the domain in which the file should be placed (advance usage)
    • New example
      • Click on the Import sources button corresponding to the example you wish to import

  4. Search for a type or a facade to go to its position in the source code
  5. Search for a type or facade to feed the projection
  6. Graph zoom level
  7. Depth of exploration of the graph
    • In depth (forward on 5 level)
    • forward 1, backward 1
    • forward 1
  8. Level of detail of display of types and facades (display or not of fields)
  9. Compilation status
    • Compilation status
    • Error message
    • Link to the error in the source code
  10. Select the projection as a Graph
  11. Select the projection as a Json example
  12. Selects the projection as a description of the structure

note: the graphical projection allows you to have a first visualization of a type or a facade. Use the data model explorer to have access to many more options to refine the graph