Akwatype provides a typed description of the data.

Each elementary data of the model is of type Scalar (String, Integer, Boolean, Decimal...).

  • name: String
  • age: Integer

The akwatype types are compound types that allow to group fields together and to describe the links between the different types.

They are used to model business objects.

The fields of a type can be :

  • Elementary data of type Scalar (String, Integer, Boolean, Decimal...)
  • Akwatype type (grouping of fields defined by the designer).

Fields can also be List, in this case the field type is surrounded by square brackets..

  • items: [ Integer ]
  • address: [ Address ]


Example :

type Person{
type Address{ street:String city:String country:Country }
type Country{ code:String label:String } type Skills{ name: String description: String }



All the types of the model are going to constitute the data exchange model described in all its richness.