A package allows to prepare a model so that it can be reused by other models.

A package corresponds to a model at a given version that can be imported into another model to use its descriptions


Make a model usable as a package

Making a model reusable is a decision of the model administrator.

To make the model reusable, you just have to enter a package name in the General tab of the model


Importing models into the current model


(1) Go to the Imports tab of Model settings and click on the [Edit] button


(2) Select the model you wish to import from the drop-down list

(3) Select the version of this model from the second drop-down list

(4) Click on the [Add] button to add the package to your current template


Akwatype displays the requested package and all its dependencies which will also be imported with the requested package.

It is of course possible to request the import of several packages with the [Add] button

(5) when you have added all the packages you want to import click on the [Import packages] button to import the templates


During import :

  • Akwatype will first check that all imported packages compile together (no type duplication between packages)
    • in case of an error, Akwatype reports it and refuses to import the packages (a different combination packages must be found)
  • Akwatype will then compile the current model with the imported packages
    • In case of error Akwatype reports the error (duplication of type, type or facade not found after the change of version of a package...)
      • The packages are however imported as long as the error can be corrected in the descriptions of the current model

Once the import of the packages has been successfully completed, all the descriptions of the imported models are available in the current model