Akwatype provides a number of standard properties to qualify the objects of its models.

However, each project or organization has its own needs and Akwatype has the custom properties to meet them.

A custom property is defined by its name and the following properties

  • type  (String)
    • Type of the values of this property (String, Integer, Boolean...)
  • values (List - depends on the type of property)
    • Lists of possible values for this property
      • This list of values allows to check the validity of the values entered when using this property
      • it also allows to feed the completion of the editor which will automatically propose the list of possible values during the input
  • openAPI (boolean)
    • if true, the custom property will be included in the OpenAPI extension of akwatype when generating the OpenAPI description
      • x-akwatype-custom-properties

Once declared, a custom property is used as a standard Akwatype property.

Concerning the exchange model Akwatype has :

  • customServiceProperty
  • customResourceProperty
  • customRouteProperty
  • customTopicProperty
  • customMessageProperty
  • customContainerProperty


Example :

customServiceProperty myServicePropertie { 
    type: String
    openAPI: true 

customRouteProperty myRoutePropertie { 
    type: Integer

service Demo{
    label:"Demonstration service"
    myServicePropertie: "S1"
    expose Vehicle{
        route vehicle{
            myRoutePropertie: 10