Resource properties are meta data that can be associated to each resource.

You can add them directly in the description of your resource

service Employee{
    expose employees{
        label: "HR - Employees resource"
        urlExternalDescription: ""
        route employee

Standard Resource properties :

  • label (String)
    • short description of the resource
  • description (String)
    • description of the resource
  • comment (String)
    • Allows you to add a comment to the resource
  • urlExternalDescription (String)
    • url pointing to an external description of the resource
  • url (String)
    • resource url (root of routes url)

These properties are used by Akwatype during the different generations (Graphs, OpenAPI, Excel...).

note : Premium plan allows you to create and use your own custom properties in addition to the standard akwatype properties.