Type properties are meta data that can be associated to each type.

In the description of the type, they are introduced by the keyword properties followed by the list of properties between {  }

type Person{
   properties {
      label:"Natural Person"
      urlExternalDescription: "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_person"


Standard Type properties :

  • label (String)
    • short description of the type
  • description (String)
    • description of the type
  • comment (String)
    • Allows you to add a comment to the type
  • urlExternalDescription (String)
    • url pointing to an external description of the type
  • payload (String)
    • Nom de la facade .
  • isHidden (Boolean)
    • tells the data explorer that the type is hidden by default in the representations
  • IsHiddenProgateTofield (Boolean)
    • tells the data explorer that the type is hidden by default in the representations, but also the fields of the other types that point to it.
  • stopx  (Boolean)
    • Tells the data explorer to stop by default its exploration on this type. These meta data allow to better control the exploration of complex model
  • glossary (String) - Enterprise plan
    • Allows you to associate a glossary entry with the type to describe it


These properties are used by Akwatype during the different generations (Graphs, OpenAPI, Excel, Json example...).

note : premium plan allows you to create and use your own custom properties in addition to the standard akwatype properties.