Note: This generation from a service is a shortcut to get a preview of the AsyncAPI description. Akwatype will automatically try to find in your model a description of an asyncAPI object referencing this service to get a complete description with brokers, info ... 

View or Export a service in AsyncAPI format

To generate an AsyncAPI description you must have described at least

  • a send or receive operation on your service 
  • a channel
  • a message

for example :

service person{
   receive PersonTopic.PersonMessage

channel PersonTopic
message PersonMessage{     payload: PersonDTO }

When it's done:

  • Position the cursor on the name of the service
  • Right click on the mouse

To view your AsyncAPI description

  • Select the [View AsyncAPI] option in the context menu

The AsyncAPI export of the example will produce the following description (displayed in AsyncAPI studio) :


To export your AsyncAPI description

  • Select [export] in the context menu

  • A dialog box allows you to export the AsyncAPI  description