A server is an object representing a server that hosts APIs

The property of an Akwatype server are the same as those of an OpenAPI server.

  • For more information on these properties we suggest you refer to the description of a server in the AsyncAPI specification.

Example of a server description in an Akwatype description :

server Production {
    description"The production API server"
    variable username {         description"This value is assigned by the service provider, in this example scaleway.com"         default"demo"           }     variable port {         enum: ["443","8443"]         default"443"           }     variable basePath {         default"v2"     } }

Where to use the object servers ?

Server objects are used when defining a full OpenAPI description

Standard broker properties :

  • url (String)
    • A URL to the target host. This URL supports Server Variables.
  • description (String)
    • An optional string describing the host designated by the URL
  • variable (String)
    • variable name and its value. The value is used for substitution in the server's URL template .
      • you can define multiple variables