The openAPI object allows you to describe information specific to the API and to associate services to this description for the generation of the OpenAPI description.

This approach allows to

  • dissociate the description of the services from the information specifically linked to the API (contact, version, license...)
  • Share the service description between the OpenAPI and AsyncAPI descriptions

example of description of an OpenAPI object :

openAPI Person{
        title"Title API Person",
        description"Description API Person",

Standard openAPI properties :

  • servers (List of String)
    • List of server object names, a server object provide connectivity information to a target server
  • outputFileName (String)
    • Akwatype specific property, it defines the name that will be given to the openAPI file generated for this API
  • Info
    • title (String) - Title of the API
    • description (String) - Short description of the API
    • termesOfService (String) - URL to the Terms of Service for the API
    • version (String) - Version of the OpenAPI document
    • contact
      • name (String) - Identifying name of the contact person/organization
      • url (String) - URL pointing to the contact information
      • email (String) - Email address of the contact person/organization
    • licence
      • name (String) - License name used for the API
      • url (String) - URL to the license used for the API