Resource and route urls  parameters

  • An url parameter is defined by its name and its type (String, Boolean, Integer)
  • Parameters can be contained in the path of the url
    • url : "customer/customer:String"
  • but also defined as variables at the end of the url following a ? and separated by &
    • url : "customer/customer:String/?num:Integer&code:String"
  • A parameter variable can be defined as a list of parameters by enclosing the type in square brackets
    • url : "customer/customer:String/?num: [ Integer ] &code:String"
  • A parameter variable can be made mandatory by adding an exclamation mark following the declaration of the variable.
    • url : "customer/customer:String/?num:[Integer] ! &code:String"


Example of openAPI generation corresponding to this url :

"customer/customer:String/?num:[Integer] ! &code:String"