Akwatype allows to see the result of the transformation of a json example respecting the description of a type or a facade into another facade of the same type.

For example, if we have the following type Address with the two facades AddressDTO and CompactAddressDTO on this type Address

Type Address :
type  Address{
    street:String{ example:"Avenue Daumesnil" }      
    zipcode:String{example : "33800"}

type Country{ codeISO2:String{maxLength: 2,example:"FR"} codeISO3:String{maxLength: 3,example:"FRA"} label:String{example:"France"} }
Facade AddressDTO and CompactAddressDTO
facade AddressDTO on Address{

facade CompactAddressDTO on Address{ street town:city zipcode with(country){ country:codeISO3 } }


We are able to use the transformation screen of the data explorer to see the result of the transformation of a json example form a AddressDTO format to compactAddressDTO format.

  1. Icon for access to the Data Explorer
  2. Access tab to the transformation screen
  3. Selection of the source facade
    • The selection can be a facade or a type

  4. Json example respecting the format of the AddressDTO facade
    • The example can be pasted from the clipboard or automatically generated from the facade description
  5. Button for automatic generation of the example from the description of the façade
  6. Selection of the target facade, akwatype proposes the list of facades compatible with the source facade (defined on the same type)
    • The selection can be a facade or a type
  7. Button to launch the transformation of the source example
  8. Result of the transformation
  9. Button to copy the result to the clipboard